Close Protection London

Close Protection

Close Protection London is the provision of trained individuals or teams to provide safe living and working environments to various types of client’s or principles. Not to be mistaken for security guard personnel due to the higher level of training required and the experience that most CP officers have gained within either the military, law enforcement or private security industry. As an operational company, CTR Secure Services have been providing high end Close Protection London services since 1996 and further broadened these provisions in 2003 to include corporate based Close Protection. The company has held SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Close Protection since 2010 and are a member of the Specialist Security Section for the British Security Industry Association and continue to work with the industry and the government to strengthen the role. CTR Secure Services have assisted many individuals and organisations within the UK and overseas, assisting in the protection and safety of persons whilst they continue their daily routines whether working or personal lives. The aim of high level protection is not to complicate a principals routine, but to integrate, advise and protect. Every Close Protection officer provided is able to micro manage their environment and to consult on matters relating to the safety and security of the individual and this can be delivered in a variety of ways. Dependant on the type of threat and the level of risk, an in depth analysis of the task will be undertaken and then for recommendations for security to be provided including guidance on residential, travel and work related security. The actual level of provision may range from discreet protective surveillance through to physical bodyguards and then possibly specialist teams to ensure that residences are kept secure at all times. Although the SIA standards are set at a certain level, it is important to note that this should not be taken as the only level of experience or training in order to become a competent Close Protection officer, and this is where experience and further enhanced training will come into effect. CTR Secure Services were involved in the initial drafting of the SIA occupational standards for Close Protection and were one of the first training providers to deliver the SIA Close Protection training course. This allowed the company to extract the very best officers for operational tasks and to then build on these skills with enhanced training in areas such as medical, advanced driving, firearms, self defence and so forth. Within the UK, all security sectors are governed by the Security Industry Authority, this means that any person operating within the UK must have undergone the relevant training for their sector and applied for an SIA licence. For Close Protection London personnel then the minimum time for training is set at 150 guided learning hours and covers manadatory subjects that the officer must satisfy in order to pass the course. CTR Secure Services have one of the largest infrastructures of highly skilled Close Protection officers within the UK and are also able to assist client’s overseas at short notice. Contact us to find out more.