New Dawn for Security


With the ever changing threats to business and organisation’s, there is a need for security companies to be both dynamic and innovative. By doing so then the security and service provision to various types of organisation’s and industries should exceed the requirments of such customers. It is also common for security solutions to integrate and overlap where necessary to ensure that a complete security strategy is in place, this could mean technical systems such as CCTV and alarms work alongide physical security officer’s, or in the executive environment where Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) work alongside dedicated Close Protection officer’s. Another factor or downside for organisation’s searching to acquire security services or products is the fact that they have to contact various suppliers, this in itself can cause problems and absorbs valuable time from the client. This is where the new dawn of security comes into effect, imagine having one port of call or one contact in order to cover your security needs. This is exactly what CTR Secure Services provide, a total security solution in one place, and this is achieved through the breadth of management, staff and solutions provided by the company. With the aim of simplifying the whole security process, this is acheieved through undertsanding the needs of the client and then recommending and providing services or product’s that are beneficial and reduce the risk. It is impossible to reduce or mitigate any risk without fully understanding the threat itself and the risks borne from such a threat. Having consultant’s that have both the knowledge and experience means that CTR Secure Services can understand the threat, identify the risk and then provide solutions to mitigate that risk. Risk can come in many forms and each organisation or industry will be exposed to risk of some type, these risks could take the form of computer systems being breached, vulnerable staff, theft of assets and the list goes on. CTR Secure Services are an innovative and resourceful security provider and are best placed to service client’s in any industry and any location, if you feel your organisation is at risk or would like to identify the risks before they become an incident then contact a member of our team.