Residential Security

Residential security services

Residential security is a service offered by CTR Secure Services with a view of providing a safe living environment for our individual client’s and their families, in addition to this services can be extended to provide professional protection duties to the principal and their individual family members.This may include business trips, social trips and school runs where necessary. Residential security is a dynamic service provision based on the requirments of the client and by being so encompasses the fore-mentioned services and much more in order to ensure the safety and security of client’s. From reviewing the current security measures in place at designated residences through to providing high level close protection staff and residential security teams (RST), CTR Secure Services can cater for every demand placed upon them. Our background and experience is born from providing professional close protection and advanced technical security solutions, ensuring we understand and are able to mitigate the risk to those client’s that require residential security. Increases in crime and specific threats against certain individuals and their families has required more robust and innovative ways in which to secure client’s and their residences and this is why CTR Secure Services are leaders in this field of provision. Due to the nature of our business and the infrastructure we have built up, means we have the assets and staff within the company. Residential security requires much more than simply providing accredited staff, there is a need to ensure that staff are of the highest benefit to client’s, whether possessing language skills, relevant experience, gender specific, knowledge of CCTV and so forth. It is definitely not a case of one glove fits all and this is why it is important to speak with the client or their representative in order to fully understand the requirement and to ensure that the highest level of service is provided for residential security and additional services.