CTR Director is First Class Security

Adrian Kent Graduation

It is our great pleasure to congratulate Tremaine Kent, the director and main shareholder of CTR Services for being awarded First Class Honours for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Security Consultancy. What an amazing achievement and only possible through endless years of intense study and hard work. Perhaps this hard academic style of learning has also influenced Tremaine to build the iSMTA, which delivers modern e-learning courses with guided learning modules and guided research aimed at students who need to manage their study time with their normal lifestyle. The iSMTA is new, the iSMTA approach to e-learning is new and the course content is delivered in a new way. Modern ways for the modern world and certified by a UK leading academic awarding body, Industry Qualifications (IQ). The iSMTA has a wide range of professional courses, for example:  Security Management  Information Protection  Physical Security Protection  Fraud Prevention  Business Continuity Management  Close Protection  Operations in a Hostile Environment  Travel Security Coming soon are certified courses for Health and Safety plus Oil and Gas Security Management. Courses are suitable for students at all levels with some courses designed to inspire the young, some courses to motivate those wanting to transfer other skills into a new profession and some courses that are purely for CPD. All the courses are written by experts who have years of experience within the course topics and where they have been responsible for implementation and management at senior levels. The iSMTA courses are designed to guide the student to expert and professional levels where our blended learning tells the student what they need to know and guides them on to further online research. And, better still, the cost of the iSMTA courses are made to be affordable. Our pay as you learn option is unique and designed specifically for students on a budget and on a busy schedule. No long tedious study, no lost weekends writing assignments, no pressure or term times. Start when you want, finish when you want – so why not go to www.ismta.com and start your journey to become qualified now!!