Asset Protection Benefits

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Asset Protection Benefits

There are many benefits to having professional asset protection for certain areas of your business, although we will focus on some of the more justified reasons in this post. What is the definition of an ‘Asset’? In simple terms, it could be an item of property owned by a person or business, but it could also mean a person.

Types of Asset

Assets come in all shapes and sizes, and each will have a different value placed upon them by the owner or even by the insurer. From transporting and protecting valuable diamonds, through to securing assets of critical importance, every asset protection is different. Whether you require asset protection for a long term requirement or whether you just require short term aset protection, we are able to assist in protecting such assets using a combination of personal and technical means. High net jewellery movements may be a common asepct of asset proetction where meticulous planning and experience is essential, mainly using low profile asset proetction officers to hand carry such assets from location to location. Working with the leading jewellers in London and other cities allows us to bring a professional and trustworthy solution to the client. Safeguarding assets of a critical nature and which would cause major concerns if they were to be attacked for any reason, then having dedicated static asset proetction officers covering such assets 24hrs per day is crucial. These assets could be in locations from inner city developments through to farm land or forests, meaning that asset proetction officers need to be flexible and matched to the environment. The need may also require covert asset protection, and not just an overt presence. Remember, at times it is beneficial to gather intelligence on activities, especially if the asset has been targeted on more than one occassion. If a covert method is preferred, then our asset protection officers and teams are able to work alongside and liaise with the the relevant law enforcement agencies. The use of technical protection methods aids in the overall asset proetction and with the advancement of technology comes the increased benefits of using technical means. Although we rarely substitute technical means for personnel, the alarms and CCTV that CTR use can enhance the coverage that one asset protection officer can secure.

Benefits Summary

So, what are the actual benefits of asset protection: – Peace of mind – Continuity of services – Reduction in insurance – Crime reduction – Safety and welfare – Protection of reputation Do not take the risk, and at the very least have an experienced asset consultant assess your needs.