Cargo Transport Security

Cargo Transport Security

Secure Cargo Services

We have the capability to provide specialist cargo transport security throughout the UK, Europe and rest of the world, ensuring your cargo and assets are secure throughout their transportation. This level of service includes road, air and sea, with differing levels of protection being offered via our specialist cargo security teams.


The services based around our cargo transport security follow strict procedures and are based around three main principles, these being planning, tracking and security. From the outset, we ensure that every transport and accompanying security detail is planned meticulously including: – Confirming cargo and transport details – Emergency information – Primary and secondary routes – Tracking coverage – Orders and responsibilities Tracking comes as standard with our cargo transport security and this can be either person, vehicle or asset based tracking. Our tracking portal allows our clients to immeditaley view any truck or asset at their discretion, providing peace and mind. Our cargo transport security teams all carry tracking devices, in addition to individual assets and vehicles. Tracking provides a watchful eye over assets although in more high risk transports then a cargo transport security officer or team is recommended. Our trained officers hold a current SIA Close Protection license and have received up to date training in the following subjects: – Protective surveillance – First aid – Conflict management – Advanced driving – Communication and reporting

The safest option when transporting your assets.

Securing your asstes and cargo is the final stage of the straetgy and one which can be facilitated in various ways and using various security options. Through planning and tracking the we will have a competent and professional protective surveillance of your assets, compliment this with physical manpower including physical escorts, protective surveillance and response teams, then you have a complete cargo transport security strategy. We listen and understand your transport requirements and based on this will work with you to find the most suitable and secure solution to transporting your cargo and assets.