The world’s media are often involved in working within inhospitable or high risk environments, and these are areas whereby we have experience and knowledge of operating in.

Being able to safeguard your staff and assets is vital and we understand the wide scope of how the media operate, whether in a television, film, news or support role.

Our aim is to minimise and/or mitigate the risk where possible through a holistic approach, and this is achieved due to the varying levels of service we can provide. Whether protecting your staff within the UK or overseas with qualified protection officers through to implementing specialist security programs and policies, we can assist your organisation at every step.

Some areas we can assist:

– Assessment of internal policies relating to security and safety

– Protection of staff and assets

– Travel security and monitoring

– Security guarding of facilities

– Close protection and event security

– News crew security (UK and Overseas cover)

CTR Secure Services are a pro-active and engaging company, in that we are able to listen, assess and then add benefit to an organisation based on their specific needs. We understand that media, television and film related organisations can be involved in varying environments and situations and this can also expose them to a wide variety of risks.

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