CCTV Monitoring and Installation

CTR can provide the complete end to end service for CCTV systems, from assessment through to the actual CCTV monitoring of cameras installed at your premises.

Our experienced installers are able to look at your current systems and either repair, upgrade or replace CCTV cameras, with a view of better protecting your locations. All camera systems are state of the art and include SMART cameras and intelligent video surveillance systems, which provide a host of advanced features and increased performance.

In terms of monitoring then this is conducted at our Norfolk office which provides a 24hr monitoring centre, with dedicated staff observing, monitoring and reacting to activity observed on the camera systems. This 24hr monitoring centre can also be utilised for monitoring of lone workers.

We also provide a range of camera systems from PTZ Infra Red dome cameras though to more discreet covert cameras, we can assist our clients in many ways.

In addition to CCTV monitoring and installation, we also offer professional and timely reporting in terms of monitoring your camera systems, but above all CTR Secure Services ensure a pro-active monitoring solution acting as a remote guard for your business and your locations.