Our TSCM capability provides an experienced level of service in this specialist field, with the ability to provide a relevant service to protect you against certain threats.

In addition to this we also specialise in design, manufacture and training organisations in TSCM practices.

    Technical Surveillance Counter Measures sweeps provide an electronic and physical search of a location, whether individual rooms, building or vehicle in order to identify and locate any form of electronic eavesdropping. TSCM is a vital service to many organisations and private clients to ensure that information is not intercepted by unauthorised persons and in some cases can be critical.

    In unison with our partner, we can provide the highest level of equipment and staff in addition to the most up to date methods of TSCM. Our consultants have many years experience working with governments, military, law enforcement, corporations and external sweep teams.

    Our service ensures you have confidence that your information and communication is free from unauthorised monitoring, in addition we can enhance this service with security officers to ensure that once a sweep has been completed that the area remains sterile in the event of planned meetings taking place.

    Copenhagen Office

    CTR Secure Services A/S
    Copenhagen Airport
    Terminal 2
    Terminalgade 4
    2770 Kastrup

    Tel: +45 70 220 723
    Email: psk@ctrservices.dk