Security innovation is the ability to improve security related services or products through the application of more effective solutions, as a company we are always striving with regards to innovation and pioneering ways to develop and provide security solutions.

Through innovation, we are able to enhance the security of an organisation through:

  • Technological
  • Procedural
  • Organisational

Our advances in technology allows us to build upon and enhance various technological systems whether CCTV, tracking systems, travel & security apps or complete monitoring platforms. We can either design and build systems specific to the needs of your organisation, or provide current systems that we have developed.

Another factor in relation to innovation is being able to ensure that whether internally or designing new policies and procedures for your organisation, we draft all procedures to enhance the current level of security provision and review these on a continual basis to ensure they are up to date and relevant at all times.

Organisational innovation comes from ensuring that your staff are adept at their role and to identify any weaknesses, and then to develop and enhance that member of staff or department and by doing so increase the level of security and operational effectiveness.

Technology is an ever present and growing area for any industry, although the advances in technology for security allow for client’s to better protect, monitor and respond. We are instrumental in research and development in areas that assist and benefit security related problems, finding and implementing software and hardware where needed to increase safety and security of many organisations.

An example of our innovation is the design and implementation of our CiNPLAT Travel Safe monitoring platform, which allows organisations of any size track, monitor and communicate with staff who are travelling or deployed overseas. The intelligent system features various attributes that increase the duty of care of employers to their staff and at the same time provides each staff member with a dedicated app that they can view on their handheld device whether smartphone or tablet. We recognised that many organisations currently have travel insurances and poossibly some form of intelligence reporting system, so CiNPLAT was both designed to work alongside current products but also be able to stand alone and provide the much needed security services and intelligence requirements that are needed in relation to overseas travel. CiNPLAT corporate website and CiNPLAT Travel Safe website.

Other areas that we have develpoed are Incident Management Systems where our client’s can view activity and reporting relevant to their company by simply logging into our IMS portal, this confirms the use of integrated technology and systems is a much needed benefit.

As a company, we strive to enhance the operational capability for organisations through the integration of security innovation and research and development.

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