Many organisations have staff travelling and working in environments with heightened risk, being able to effectively assess the situation as it unfolds is critical to remaining safe.

The way in which we can develop and increase security (situational) awareness is through the following methods:

  • Security awareness courses
  • Industry specific workshops
  • E-learning courses for larger organisations
  • Inclusion of security awareness policies for the organisation

Security Awareness

Organisations and individuals need to ensure that they are aware of the risks to themselves, whether an organisation, business traveller, family member, press officer or someone that is well known within the media. Security awareness is the practice of being aware of your surroundings and being able to identify and protect oneself against potential threats, for some this comes naturally although for most organisations and individuals this requires training and support.

Security awareness has never been more relevant than now, due to the increase and damage that lone wolf style attacks can cause, as recently seen in cities across the world.

Security and situational awareness is key in an number of areas and can mean the difference between being a target and increasing your safety, observing and assessing do not always come easy to some people and this is where training can assist. In this day and age it is more relevant to ensure that the majority of people have an understanding of their environment, the reasons for this are many and can range from a number of different incidents that may cause harm. These could be the increase in ‘lone wolf’ style attacks from extremists, non extremist physical or verbal attacks, theft and damage of property and general criminal activity and unwanted attention.

The areas that we have supported clients in particular are:

– Security staff situational awareness training, increasing the skills and knowledge of novice and experienced security officers.

– Members of the public that wish to increase their ability to observe and detect potential situations as they arise, and then how to deal with them.

– Retail conflict management and situational awareness training, this provides workers with the necessary tools to deal with situations common to retail environments.

– Front of house staff, for many city based offices then there is an increased need for staff to remain vigilant and understand the pre cursors to a potential attack.

– Business and executives, for many high net worth individuals or people working in prominent positions then close protection may seem slightly intrusive so we engage with the client and provide bespoke awareness training.

Whether you are looking for a certain requirement in terms of security and situational awareness, or whether you just curious how such training and consultancy can increase confidence and reduce risk then the first step is to contact one of our advisors to learn more. We will be able to assess your requirement whether an organisation or individual and then provide relevant and beneficial services and training to increase awareness and reduce risk. Due to our experience we are able to offer a number of different teaching methods from simulated role play for retail staff through to accomplished anti/counter surveillance exercises using experienced staff.

From basic staff awareness training through to Hostile Environments Awareness Training (HEAT), we have a solution to fit any size of organisation. Better preparing your staff for potential incidents and general overall awareness will assist in reducing the risk to your staff.

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