Our Risk Management capability provides a complete assessment and mitigation strategy in relation to the risk your organisation can be exposed to, this mainly involves identifying, assessing and mitigating that risk.

Too often, businesses expose their selves to risk unnecessarily due to either not having the appropriate procedures in place or placing inexperienced staff in the position of risk management.

Our approach is that of learning and understanding your organisation and business activities, and by doing so identifying and understanding the specific risks that may affect your business and staff. Our experienced consultants have experience throughout many industries and sectors, simplifying this process.

We also provide varying levels of support to your organisation, this allows you to access our services in line with your security budget. This can involve the following services:

– Embedded security managers allow your organisation to have an experienced security manager in house in order to manage your security needs and promote continual risk management. This allows your organisation to benefit from experience, but also be fully backed by a fully qualified risk management company.

– Security health checks allow your organisation to identify the risks they are exposed to and then to have specific recommendations based on such risks.

– Affiliated Security Provider (ASP) provides your organisation with an ongoing relationship with CTR Secure Services and ensures that you have support with a simple telephone call. This is achieved through retaining our services on a monthly basis which includes a monthly health check of your organisation, you can contact us at any time with any concerns that you may have and we will assist immediately.

– Global Intelligence (GI) ensures clients remain up to date and aware of the global environment allowing them to fully assess countries that they may be currently operating within, or are looking to deploy to.

Our aim is protect your organisation, your staff and your assets through professional risk management solutions.

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