Visitor escort & lods

We hope that you consider us when your employees or guests need to be escorted or you require other security services. We are ready with the expertise when your company needs added security, although this excludes areas of security already provided by official CPH Security including guarding aircraft and general airport security specific to CPH airport. Our security services are designed for the companies that visit, support and are involved with CPH airport ensuring that we can provide a variety of services that deliver safer working environments for your organization and your staff. We can also deliver various security and safety related training courses to your staff which in turn can increase their safety and provide duty of care.


CTR Secure Services A/S offers a professional,  escort/visitor service using experienced and well-presented security staff.  Our staff are what makes our company one of the leading security providers in Denmark and their training includes courses in first aid, customer service and security awareness. This ensures that all our security officers can handle situations where there is a need to step in or give first aid, and always guarantee that safety is paramount.

Customer service, confidentiality and situational awareness are our trademarks in the escort/ visitor work. We emphasize that the client can carry out their tasks at Copenhagen Airport undisturbed and safe – without unnecessary waiting time. You can expect our escort/visitor officers to be ready for the task on time and proactive in their approach. We want to add value to your company.


CTR Secure Services A/S is part of CTR Secure Services Ltd which is a United Kingdom based company with vast experience in various aspects of security and with an international reach. CTR Secure Services is one of the leading providers of total security solutions, this is further evidenced by year on year growth since inception. The company stands out from other competitors due to its ability to exceed customers’ expectations, and in addition to this being able to provide a broad and comprehensive range of security services.

CTR Secure Services A/S is approved by the National Police and the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET).


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