Close Protection

Each area demands differing levels of experience and procedures, although as a baseline each of our CP officers are trained to SIA Close Protection standard with then additional training and experience being considered for each role. We have been providing a high level of service for many years and it is a key element of CTR Secure Services.

The difference with using CTR Secure Services is that each Close Protection officer is able to micro manage their own environment including medical skills, allowing for a higher level of service. Each officer is provided with the tools and procedures and have full access and support to the CTR Control Hub, this in itself provides an outer layer of protection for the client knowing that support is always at hand whether operating in the UK or overseas.

We are confident in protecting our clients in any role, any industry and any country.

Our Close Protection capability provides clients with dedicated and experienced staff in order to provide safe living, working and travel environments.

Due to the nature of Close Protection, we have various levels of service which are based around the following requirements:

  • Executive protection
  • Corporate protection
  • Residential protection
  • Hostile protection