Our Asset Protection capability provides an intelligent approach to securing your assets through various proven methods ensuring the highest level of protection and resilience to crime.

We cover all areas and industries in relation to asset protection and have successfully safeguarded various assets from risks such as:

  • Theft
  • Sabotage
  • Criminal Damage
  • Arson
  • Disruption

    By understanding your industry and your requirement, then we are able to effectively protect assets against any threat through the use of skilled staff and proven methods. Our asset protection staff are SIA Close Protection trained and have also undergone internal asset protection training, including safety orientated training.

    Some of the services provided are:

    – SIA Close Protection officers

    – Security surveys and risk assessments

    – Covert and overt presence dependant on requirement

    – Tracking systems and monitoring

    – Specialist camera systems powered via solar energy and easily deployable

    – On/Off road mobile patrols using specialist vehicles

    – Liaison with local authorities and police where needed

    Regardless of the industry you operate in, we have the capability and experience to safeguard your assets whether in the renewables, transport, telecoms, energy or any other sector.

    We aim to provide unrivalled support to our client’s and this includes a rapid response anywhere in the UK within 3 hours of being requested and full incident management. In addition to our internal support, we also ensure that we are pro-active in terms of liaising with the relevant agencies/organisations such as the police, stakeholders and so on.

    Protecting your assets is key to ensure business continuity and the level of effect will vary from industry to industry, although the level of importance should not change and each industry/organisation should have a need for protecting their assets. Asset protection provides a vital role for anything from national critical infrastructure through to products owned by an organisation and the negative attributes that come from theft, damage and sabotage. Every project is assessed on an individual basis ensuring that specific areas are addressed, these could be:

    – Analyzing the threats

    – Assessing strengths and weaknesses

    – Identifying the risks

    – Assessing current measures of protection (if they exist)

    – Designing a solution to match the level of risk and potential loss

    There are numerous ways in which to protect assets and due to our experience in this field then we are best placed to advise and implement effective asset protection strategies. We have built up an infrastructure within the UK that can easily accommodate any size of project from protecting long distance construction, cabling and tunneling projects through to multiple static sites. This also includes personnel that have had experience with many forms of threat such as protesting, sabotage, criminal damage, targeted thefts and so on.

    Download our Asset Protection PDF here


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