We have developed innovative and leading solutions that can fully support various companies operating within the travel sector, these solutions have been proven and developed over many years.

Our capability allows us to provide the following:

CTR Secure Services recognise that some organisations operate on a global scale, covering various specialist areas and this is why it is critical to have access to a security company that offers a global capability and more importantly an understanding of the travel industry and the risks faced by travellers and organisations. From next generation travel safety apps through to various training packages for staff and clients, with each solution designed to enhance the travellers experience and above all their safety and security.

You can also visit our dedicated travel security platform CiNPLAT Travel Safe by clicking here or our corporate travel site by clicking here. Through innovation we have developed a leading tracking, monitoring and communication platform for organisations to safeguard their employees whilst travelling and working overseas. Our tracking capability is through the integration of tracking units that utilise GSM, GPS and also Wifi networkks meaning that personnel and assets can be tracked to a level unseen before.

In addition to this we are able to provide in depth country specific intelligence reports ensuring that your organisation fully understand the risks that your staff may be exposed to and from there can make an informed decision on deployments, strategies and potential recovery solutions where needed.

Copenhagen Office

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