Our Cyber Security and Defence capability provides a high level of protection for your organisation against cyber based threats, this increases your information security throughout your organisation.

We have been servicing various clients from the mobile telecommunications industry since 2003 and have pioneered the way in which security is provided in this dynamic industry.

Recommended solutions:

    Due to the nature of the telecommunications industry and the environments they operate in, means that additional training is required for security personnel which includes enhanced operating procedures and safety orientated development. As a company we have positioned our self as a leading provider of security and support related services, building an infrastructure of specifically trained close protection staff throughout the United Kingdom that is unparalleled. In addition to this we have gained valuable experience and relevant accreditations.

    Working alongside the telecommunications industry has allowed us to develop specific security services and furthermore develop our staff to meet the changing needs of the industry, this includes rooftop trained personnel, advanced climbers and relevant safety training. We have also built up an infrastructure unlike any other UK based security company, this in turn allows us to respond to the SLA’s of our clients and this means within 3 hours to any UK location to support our clients.

    Whether supporting telecommuications clients through physical manpower, technical solutions or security assessments, we have a solution to meet any demand.

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