Whatever area of retail you operate in, we will listen to your concerns and look to provide forms of risk management and services with a view of reducing or mitigating the risk.

The retail industry can be very dynamic and covers many specific areas, from clothing to automotive, food to technology. Retail environments have always been a hive for criminal activity and over the recent years these such activities have become more violent and common.

The scope that we cater for is also dynamic and in recent years we have provided services to the retail industry that includes but not limited to:

– Retail based conflict management training

– Health checks on security policies

– Innovative technology

– Security officers

Every retail client is different and with varying levels of risk, from prominent jewellery stores through to technology based retailers. According to the British Retail Consortium, the direct financial cost of retail crime in the UK has risen to £700m as many retailers report crimes including shoplifting, violent behaviour towards staff and cyber based attacks. The most recent retail crimes include moped gangs breaking into stores on prominent streets in the UK and showing a blatant disregard for the law, in addition to this the rise in violent behaviour towards staff also causes a high level of concern.

It is clear that retailers are attempting to combat such crimes through the use of physical security measures although for those that are deemed as a higher risk (assets and staff) then having a suitably trained security officer in store has helped reduce ongoing crime and more importantly provided a duty of care for retail staff who are not security trained but are caught up in collateral effects of these crimes.

CTR Secure Services have helped some of the UK’s top retailers reduce violent and problematic crime.

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