Due to the nature of the oil and gas industry, the operational commitment and level of manpower is vast and this in itself increases the inherent risks of operating within certain countries and continents.

Oil and Gas Security

Having an approved security and risk management provider is critical to the continuity of business and operational requirements in terms of oil and gas security.

We have worked alongside oil and gas organisations and have come to understand the relevant risks to these organisations, having this understanding is vital in security assets, staff and infrastructure.

Our aim is to be the leading oil and gas orientated provider of innovative and dynamic risk management and security support services.


Since the rise in fracking practices and the negative media coverage of such activities, we have ensured that this area of the industry is also catered for through the provision of relevant and specific security services. We are able to secure assets and locations using highly trained security staff, through to developing ways of monitoring and understanding specific and general risks to this industry and to potential client’s. We are also able to install relevant security systems such as portable CCTV to fracking sites with a view of reducing costs associated with manpower, ensuring systems and security officers provide an integrated approach to the risks faced by fracking operators.


Oil and Gas locations cover the globe and this means that due to operational requirements then some locations will be situated within hostile or challenging environments. This means that a high level of security and risk management is required in order to keep staff and assets protected from various threats. Having knowledge of different countries and the capability to provide services in those countries is key and CTR have built up a leading infrastructure and partner network globally consisting of medical support, security support and in country consultancy.

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