CTR Secure Services can assist and support clients at any stage of the automotive process, and by doing so will allow your organisation to mitigate the risks and improve the level of productivity throughout your organisation.

The automotive industry involves companies that are involved in the design, manufacture, marketing and selling of motor vehicles, and at each stage each company involved will be exposed to different threats. Our experience across different areas of security allows us to cater for the demanding needs of the automotive industry and those companies that operate within it.

From the design of motor vehicles and the aggressive market place of innovation and change, comes the risk of unauthorised exposure of concepts for vehicles as an example. At each level there will be inherent risks associated to the automotive industry whether at the design level, manufacture level or end sales stage.

Some of the risks are:

– Forgery and misrepresentation

– Theft at all levels

– Criminal damage

– Deception

– Cyber attacks

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