CTR Secure Services are able to assist educational based clients through a number of different areas, whether securing locations through to providing relevant security based training to select staff members.

Security for Education

Education establishments have a high degree of onus to protect their staff and their students and so must ensure the highest level of security for their locations and the people that work and study within them. Security for education is a way in which providers of education at any level can deliver duty of care for their staff, students and visitors.

At the same time, the education sector is plagued by cut backs, and so any security measure or procedure must be relevant and cost effective. We have worked with various sizes of education based client’s whether universities, colleges or schools. We understand the need to implement initiatives for the improvement of services and the need to attempt to reduce costs over the length of the contract.

Consistency and professionalism are key when providing security for education, this includes consistency in quality from the start of the contract and also as it changes due to growth and development. Competent management is needed to ensure that security officers and security functions are working to the highest levels, this includes a robust management team with direct focus on each security for education contract.

Some of the duties provided in security for education are:

– Security response and patrols
– Monitoring of CCTV
– Lock/Unlock services
– First Aid
– Reception duties
– Protest liaison teams
– Car park attendance and management
– Secure escorts

Value Added Services

In addition to the standard services provided to educational establishments, we also recognise the need to add value at every oppurtunity whether through integration of technology or through increasing the performance of manpower provisions. Our management team are experienced in identifying potential areas where value can be added and then implementing these services in agreement with the client.

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